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Anyone can learn to run and any runner can develop their technique to improve their performance, making them a more efficient, stronger runner, less prone to injury

If you are just starting out we can encourage good habits from the off, making learning to run easier. It will also make running more enjoyable for you, which is the most important factor!

If you are already a runner but want to improve distance/speed/performance, by improving your technique you will certainly shave minutes off your splits and run more efficiently.


Session Format

We will begin with an initial consultation where we will explore your prior fitness experience and perform a simple fitness, postural assessment and gait analysis. We will discuss your goals, and make a specific achievable training plan together.

I will meet you at your home if you want to run from your door, or meet with you at an agreed running location. Sessions will typically start with a safe warm up and then brisk walking or running to suit your fitness level.

I use a variety of training methods to improve your speed, distance, and overall running performance, and provide variety to your training. They include:

Running drills - a variety of static and dynamic stretches and movements to prepare you for running, improving your functional running movement and reducing injury risk.

Interval training - repeated shorter segments of fast running separated by slow jogging “recoveries”.

Tempo running - incorporating one or two sustained efforts in the range of lactate threshold intensity to improve speed and endurance.

Hill repetitions - using between one and three hard uphill sprints during the run.


Running Technique

running anatomy

To develop technique I will focus on your

To develop your technique we may need to incorporate strength and conditioning exercises.  For example, working on your core stability to improve posture. We will also incorporate running drills to re-programme your pattern of motion and build resistance to injury.


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Run to Fitness is a running coaching, training and advice service.

If you want to get into running, run a charity race or improve your current running performance I am here to help, every step of the way.


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