Alex recently wrote an article featured in 'Moor', a local lifestyle and news magazine distributed in the Four Heatons, Stockport. Alex regularly writes pieces on fitness, health and well being for the magazine.

Read some of the article below:

Booking a race is a great way to motivate yourself and structure your training. Selecting the right race is important whether you’re a beginner runner or more seasoned pro. Here are some tips to help pick the best one for you.

  1. What do you want to achieve – is it for fun, motivation, raise money, accomplish a certain distance or time?
  2. Consider the time commitment for the race you are choosing – look at training plans online and decide how much time you can commit on a weekly basis and roughly how long you will need in total. Be realistic - I would always overestimate the time needed; there will inevitably weeks when your training is not on track!
  3. Run shorter races to train for longer ones – for example if you want to run a half marathon and have never ran a race, choose a 10k first and book that in the middle of your training.
  4. Think about the time of year for training rather than the race – I love the Wilmslow Half marathon and it’s a great January motivator but most of the training is through the cold and dark months of January and February.
  5. Check out the terrain, if you want a good time then choose a flat course and its surprising how even road races are not always flat!

We have a list of some of our favourtie upcoing races in and around Manchester. Runnersworld and The Running Bug also have good resourses:

Book a race now for 2017, you won't regret it! We offer help with all aspects of your training and will even run the race with you.




Runtofitness client, Karen, has been training with Alex for over two years. She completed her first half marathon in March earlier this year and was inspired to keep up the training and distance by setting her sights on another half marathon.

Karen is a busy mum of three children and works full time so like many working mums, life is a constant juggling act! By having dedicated sessions with Alex she has been able to keep up her fitness and distance. Through speed work sessions they have been working on her time, aiming to reduce split time and keep consistency. One long run per week ensured that they were covering the distance, increasing this gradually week by week.

In October Karen ran across the finish line of the Manchester Half Marathon with Alex beside her, completing yet another half marathon in a great time! runtofitness is really proud of Karen as she loves running and works really hard at it despite her hectic lifestyle. She is a great example to all busy mums that running can really give you something positive and with the right help, you can achieve your goals.

Alex will always run a race with you as part of the runtofitness service for that extra motivation and support. He trains clients for all distances be it a half marathon like Karen or 5k/10k/ triathlon or marathon.

Keep a look out for Alex and Karen running in the Heatons as Karen has set her sights on another half marathon in the New Year!!

IMG 4690 1

Karen and Alex at the end of the Half Marathon!




It's really important to use a few quick drills before running to activate the right muscle groups especially if you're a beginner. This is in addition to stretching! Make sure you are slightly warm before doing these for example after a light jog.

A few of my favourites:

1. High skip - use a big leaping skip reaching into the air with the opposite arm to the leg you are lifting.

2. High knees - keep nice and upright with knees nice and high keeping the consistency.

3. Butt kicks - keep upright but with relaxed shoulders, flick your butt with your feet keeping the consistency and sharp movements.

4. Squats  - use a deep squat steppong out to the side and rotate sidewise to keep a consistent movement - aim to do about 10 squats in a row.

Watch Jules, one of my clients, in action demonstrating the high knees and butt kicks



On June 19th 2016 runtofitness met the lovely people of the Heatons at the 4 Traders Heatons Festival. As a Stockport lad, Alex loves the Heatons and likes to support the local community.

It was a great opportunity to spread the running word and provide training information and tips.

The competition, 'guess how many miles a week Alex runs' went down very well! The lovely Angie won the competition and is already underway training with Alex. We will keep you informed of her progress.

We gave out lots of our 5k training plans which provide an easy to follow training guide for anyone trying to work to 5k distance. For more information or help with training please get in touch.

Watch out for Alex punding the streets of the Heatons!!






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