5 top tips Alex uses for running coaching:

  • Focus on your running form. This makes running easier, more efficient and prevents injury. Ensure your head is up, shoulders slightly forward but relaxed, neat arms held with elbows tucked in, tight core so hold the belly button in and weight over your toes. Focusing on your  running form is just as important for first time beginners as it is for experienced runners.

  • Don’t forget stretching before you run! Get into the routine of using 3 or 4 key stretches before and after you run.

  • Incorporate a few running drills before you start to get warm, activate the muscle groups you need for running and avoid injury. A couple of my favourites include high knees and bum kicks, 30 seconds each.

  • Use interval training and speed work. This really helps to build fitness and will help increase your pace. This is important for all levels and even complete beginners should incorporate intervals and tempo runs…our next feature will detail some speed work plans.

  • Build distance gradually. If you are a beginner runner use repetitions of running/walking and gradually decrease the intervals of walking. It is better to do this in a structured wayrather than end up walking as you will feel demotivated.

Everyone meet Karen...

Karen started training with runtofitness in June this year. Before running with Alex, Karen had some experience running but was lacking motivation and struggling to increase speed. Alex and Karen have been working hard together twice a week. One of the weekly sessions is focused on building distance and the second is focused on building speed and strength. During the past 5 months Karen has gradually improved her running from, distance and speed. Last week she completed a training 10k in an amazing 57 minutes and this weekend completed the Cheshire 10k in 58 minutes! Now fully into her stride, progressing week on week Karen is not content with achieving a 10k, she has booked the Wilmslow half marathon!! After the 10k this week (and maybe after a well-deserved rest) Alex and Karen will be back on track with only five months until the half marathon. Karen you have really worked hard and made such progress. Well done! 

Coming up next, 5 top training tips Alex uses when running Karen.


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Over the next month, in the lead up to Christmas, Alex will be asking his clients why they train with runtofitness.

Alex trains clients of different abilities who have a range of goals. Each client is unique and Alex tailors training to suit each individual. 

The first of our client videos is Michelle. Michelle has been training with runtofitness for 18 months. She was a complete beginner when starting with Alex and has progressed week on week with a combination of personal training and running coaching. She has achieved her initial goals of weight loss and improving her general fitness levels. 

Click on the link and meet Michelle.... (p.s she was not coached or bribed before this!!)


Please find below a list of upcoming races for 2015/2016 in the Manchester area.

I can help you select a suitable race, train you for the event and even run with you on the day for that extra support!

Please get in contact if you have any questions about the races or race packages.





Date Distance


20/09/2015 10k


04/10/2015 Marathon

Chorlton Water Park

24/10/2015 5k


01/11/2015 5k

Cheshire 10k Warrington

07/11/2015 10k

Heaton Park MoRunning

22/11/2015 5k and 10k


29/11/2015 5 miles Xmas pudding dash


28/02/2016 Cancer Research 10k


03/04/2016 Half Marathon


10/04/2016 Marathon


15/05/2016 Half Marathon


17/07/2016 5k and 10k Cancer Research



Areas covered:

South Manchester – Didsbury, Withington, Chorlton, Northenden.

Stockport – Heaton Moor, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Norris.

Cheshire – Sale, Altrincham, Hale and Bowdon.


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Run to Fitness is a running coaching, training and advice service.

If you want to get into running, run a charity race or improve your current running performance I am here to help, every step of the way.


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Email: enquiries@runtofitness.co.uk

Tel: 07735 171779



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