Every month we'll be running a 'client feature' . We'll focus on one of our great runtofitness clients and why they train with Alex. Hopefully this will showcase the variety of clients we train and how we help not just with running but general fitness, stress and wellbeing.

To kick us off is Katie.

Katie is sadly leaving the UK so before she does, we wanted share a few words from her. Katie came to Alex over a year ago and like many of his clients was in a 'running rut'. Alex has helped make running enjoyable again and pushed her running speed and distance. We wish her well and hopefully she will continue running!

" I’ve been running will Alex for over a year, and he’s awesome!"

"I’ve been running for years, but I went to Alex at a point where I had reached a plateau and it was frustrating feeling like I wasn’t making any more progress! My main goals were speed and fitness, and since working with Alex I’ve been able to both increase my speed and maintain it over the longer distances."

"It’s also a huge bonus that my recovery times between sprints are getting quicker and quicker.. which only means Alex pushes me even harder! Which I love! Alex now knows me well enough, and how I like to train, that each workout he can cater to my goals and how hard I want to push myself. He’s also a pretty good singer too.. which helps when you need motivation to do 20 more jumping squats!"



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We are excited to announce we are collaborating with CrossFit Imperative in Manchester. We have introduced a running club open to all members every Saturday morning at 9am meeting at Chorlton Water Park. This is conveniently located just down the road from the Chorlton gym and gives access to the Mersey.

The running sessions will vary each week incorporating a range of training methods such as speed work, tempo runs and fartlek training. Some weeks will include longer runs e.g. fast mile or 5k. Alex will also review your form and give you tips on how to improve. It is suitable for all running abilities and Alex will adjust the sessions to allow for this.

Cardiovascular fitness is crucial for CrossFit and many WODs include running so it's a good opportunity to improve this area of your CrossFit training. Alex is a keen crossfitter so understands what is required!

The gym is easily accessible from anywhere in South Manchester but you have to be a member to access the running class.




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Join our brand new running camp this September in The Heatons! 


Do you want to

  • Start running?
  • Improve your speed or distance?
  • Find some motivation or inspiration for running?
  • Train for an event?


How does it work?

This is more than a running club. Alex will lead group running sessions focused on coaching running form, speed and endurance. The sessions will incorporate a variety of training methods including interval training, fartlek training, tempo runs and even some strength work for fun! 

It will be a four week rotating programme to try and add variety to the sessions.


Who is it suitable for?

Anyone! All levels of running. All Alex asks is that you come with a pair of trainers and lots of enthusiasm. Over time the group may split into beginner and intermediate.


Why join?

If any of the above apply then the camp is for you!

It is often difficult to have the motivation to complete speedwork and different training methods on your own but yet doing this makes the most positive impact on your fitness, weight loss and running speed.

The group sessions will allow you to do this in a relaxed group environment according to a structured plan. Hopefully it will give you a new boost and motivation for running. At the end of the four weeks you can continue as every month there will be different sessions introduced.



We will meet at Heaton Mersey Bowl on Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday at 9am.

The first session will be Wednesday 6th September 2017.


How much?

£8 PAYG or £50 for the month.


How do I register?

Places will be limited so prior registration will be required. Please contact Alex for details.











Get up close and personal with Alex Cody, the owner of runtofitness. Alex was recently interviewed for a local lifestyle magazine, read his Q&A below;

Alex, what was your first job?

I started a paper round at 14. I also paraded grey hounds at Belle Vue dogs…I’m not exactly a dog lover so it wasn’t my dream job!!

What did you aspire to do when you were younger?

Like most young boys I wanted to be a footballer. I always loved being active and football was all I was interested in. I played for a club until I was 17 but unfortunately I was not meant to be the next David Beckham! I still enjoy watching football and love going to Old Trafford.

When did you become interested in health and fitness?

I started going to the gym initially like everyone else one January as a New Year’s resolution to improve my fitness level. I never thought it would become my career. At the time I was working in retail and then later recruitment. I didn’t enjoy the office culture, the confinement of being at a desk all day and the pressure of a sales environment. Numbers and computers have never been my thing and the gym and running were my release.  After enrolling on a fitness instructor course I took my first position at a gym in Manchester and didn’t look back.  It was a risk but one I’m glad I took. Helping people feel better about themselves gave me a feeling of achievement and a buzz that I hadn’t ever experienced as a recruitment consultant. I enjoyed seeing not only the physical transformation but the mental change my clients underwent and the impact on every aspect of their lives. I’ve now worked for almost 10 years in the fitness industry

Why did you set up runtofitness?

I’d been running for some time and enjoyed using 10k and half marathon races as personal training goals, chipping away at my times. It wasn’t until a friend asked me to run with her for some moral support when I realised a real need for running coaching. My friend was a beginner and used to run for 20 minutes at a fast pace and then have to stop out of breath and demoralised. She didn’t enjoy it and was in a vicious cycle whereby poor technique and training were making her feel worse not better about herself.  Around the same time I started running with a personal training client as she didn’t feel safe running and was stuck in a rut with her running regime.

Market research identified a gap in the market. There was a plethora of personal trainers, boot camps, fitness classes and running groups but no one offering a dedicated service for individual running coaching. 6 months and two courses later runtofitness was born!  Over the past few years runtofitness has helped many beginner runners achieve their goals and we’re still running strong!

What would be your advice to people looking to make a change in their lives?

Don’t be scared and risk averse. Do you research and stick with your ideas. And of course I would always encourage anyone to start running!



Areas covered:

South Manchester – Didsbury, Withington, Chorlton, Northenden.

Stockport – Heaton Moor, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Norris.

Cheshire – Sale, Altrincham, Hale and Bowdon.


 Walk  Jog  Run  Race 


Run to Fitness is a running coaching, training and advice service.

If you want to get into running, run a charity race or improve your current running performance I am here to help, every step of the way.


Contact Me

Email: enquiries@runtofitness.co.uk

Tel: 07735 171779



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